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When Bones Cry

“All my bones shall say, “O Lord, who is like you, delivering the poor from him who is too strong for him, the poor and needy from him who robs him?” (Psalm 35:10)

Have you ever been so sick that you could feel the achiness from the sickness in your bones? This is an all-too-familiar pain for any of us that have had COVID-19. They call it muscle weakness, but the pain and achiness feel way deeper for me. It feels like it is in my joints.

It’s the same way if you have dealt with depression or anxiety. The medical community calls it fatigue, and it is said to derive from neurological incapacitation. Yet, it is still a pain and pressure you can feel in your bones.

When the pandemic first began, many of us struggled with anxiety. Our bills needed to be paid, but for many of us, our employer had shut their doors, and many of us, if we did get a paycheck, saw significant diminishment in wages. Along with feeling the pain in your chest, I am sure you felt an overwhelming pressure in your bones.

We are tri-part beings. We are spirits that live in a body; we possess a soul. Being tri-part beings, we are sensitive to the ebbs, flows, and shifts in life. They manifest as physical pain or pressure in our bodies.

For any that have been in the faith for a while, we often call being sensitive to the spirit world “being prophetic.” We are human beings and were made to respond to the happenings of the world around us by things that happen in our bodies.

For instance, many of us can sense when the weather is coming due to arthritis that we feel in our bodies. It is the same way in the spirit. And this is what I believe the Psalmist is referring to in this text.

Many of my fellow theologians would say that the book of Psalms is purely poetic and should not be taken in any other light. However, I believe that the word of the Lord is alive and that God breathed on it and created it to be multi-dimensional, speaking to the whole man while also retaining the meaning of the author, and having the ability to speak to what is to come.

There comes a time when the pressure of life places such force on your body, soul, and spirit that literally, your bones begin to cry for God to help you. You feel a pain that’s deeper than the tissue, deeper than the muscles, so deep that you can’t place your finger on it; although spiritual, we refer to this as our bones. The spirit is the core of a man, which creates the structure of the man, or bones.

I like to correlate this pressure to the force that a fighter pilot or astronaut feels as they travel at high rates of speed combating g-force. If you have ever seen any movie about astronauts and the physical training they undertake, you will see them placed in a machine that goes around in circles at such a high rate of speed that they often lose consciousness. This is said to prepare them for the pressure their bodies will face when they are in a real-world scenario.

This is similar to the pressure of life. It is too strong for us to handle on our own, so our very beings cry out for the only one able to help deal with that pressure, and that is the Lord our God.

This is a pain that I have felt all week. My wife is facing health challenges, we are experiencing drastic life changes, and the pressure was so strong that my body began to cry out for the Lord.

Pain does not only come when the devil is attempting to break you, but it also comes when you are about to break through into a place you have never been. Like the Prophet Ezekiel, sometimes our bodies prophesy through pain, pressure, and posture.

I believe that Enhance, the body of Christ, and those connected to us are entering a place in God that requires us to depend on Him for our strength, not because we are going to be weak, or suffer trouble. But instead, we are entering such a place of divine momentum, and acceleration that the physical man and body itself can not handle.

In order to survive this season, we are going to have to be in the presence of God and labor so deep in the spirit that even our very bones cry out to God.

Are you ready? This is the year is blastoff.

Don’t be fooled by the pain; God’s Glory is in this.

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