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Dear Church Drop Out Part 3

Dear Church Dropout,

You are still our family and you are still apart of us. Our heart burns for you to return home. You are apart of the eternal family of God. We now share DNA because of the supernatural blood transfusion which our faith in Jesus Christ has caused us to undertake.

The Church of Jesus Christ needs you in order for us to reach the full potential that Jesus Christ died for us to have. Partial success of our assignment as a corporate body depends on you. Our arms are open wide, waiting for you.

We repent to both you and our Lord for the rejection we have caused to be rooted in your heart because of our mismanagement of your soul. We repent for causing you to fall away because of our hypocritical life styles. The Lord has chastened us and is bringing His corporate body into the full essence of purity which was granted to us by the blood He shed on Calvary.

Come home. There is a seat at the table waiting for you.

Your Eternal Servants in Christ,

The Ecclesia

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