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Protocol to Leading the 7 Mountain Mandate Part 1


Some of the greatest leaders in history are marked by their ability to persevere and believe in an idea; despite the adversity they received as recompense for their passion, and despite the backlash of the whip of persecution because of the controversy of their vision.

Among those great epistles of bravery is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was targeted numerous times and eventually killed for his vision of equality. There is also Jesus Christ who hung-bleed-and died, that we can have a citizenship that transcends the forces, realities, and capacities of this universe in order to gain the ability to restore the order and harmony that Heaven sought from the beginning. There was also President Abraham Lincoln whom also gave his life and countless years of his career running for several public offices just to fail at achieving just about every election. However, he is not remembered by history because of his failures, but as a man whose vision of success drowned deafening sound of failure and rejection.

Learning How To Navigate Your Mountain of Influence

We all want to build a better tomorrow. We all believe that there is a need to be someone greater, the need to do something bigger, the need for someone to take drastic action which would cause an inevitable cycle of change and restoration in our country and the world.

Yet the question remains, what are you willing to do to be a part of the class of titans with the ability to cause this change?

It is going to take more than hopes, dreams, and prayers. It is going to take those who are willing to invest the time, blood, sweat, and tears in getting close to not just those in the mountain of influence they are assigned to, but also close to the mountain itself.

It will take working to learn the language of that mountain, working to earn the credentials necessary to give you access to that mountain.

It will also take those who are snipers in intercession, thought, and action-not simply because of the articles they have read, or what they have heard in the media. But those who have earned their skill with the sweat of their brow and whom possess unwavering commitment to that mountain.

The type of leader we are referring to have invested in learning that mountain of influence’s patterns, moods, and tendencies. Don’t misread this statement. Prayer is the driving force of the Kingdom (Acts 2). Prayer is the most powerful weapon in the Kingdom arsenal, but it must be coupled with one’s ability to tap into the revelation of an arena or mountain and that only comes through proximity over time.

If we are going to see change it is going to take us getting our hands dirty and pledging our lives to the cause. We must become educated, join organizations, and construct cultures that engage in influencing global events. These formidable individuals must be cultivated within our Churches. The Church is God’s Governing body in the earth, which means it must also be the launching pad for Global Ambassadors who possess Apostolic skill to cause transformation in high level places. But If we are going to change our world as a great statesman I known once said, “it is going to take us getting close”.

You can’t change a system standing on the outside. You have to get involved. That vision must drive you. It must make you invincible. Pressures will come. Pain will come. Disappointment will come. Fatigue will come. However, if you-like the world changers of the past-have the ability to outlast it all; then you too can be memorized by history as one whose voice mattered.

Long suffering-The Weapon of Champions

We live in an instant society, where technologies possess the ability to instantaneously publish something, immediately complete a task, or suddenly create an idea. This instantaneous function has cultivated a culture of impatience which has convince humanity into believing that everything in life happens overnight.

I believe, God is releasing an anointing for acceleration, singular events that took those of yesteryear forever to do, will occur in this generation in matter of smaller increments which will cause this generation to be able to complete more over smaller period of time. Yet we must understand that change, transformation, and metamorphosis are all things that will require the lost art of “long suffering” to achieve.

If you aren’t willing to commit your entire life to the vision God has entrusted you with, then you have not earned the right to be a part of the manifestation of that promise. If you are not willing to give your life to earning your degrees, sitting in the meetings, and speaking the language of your sphere of influence then you haven’t earned the right to demand that leaders