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God Is Faithful

“No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful….” (1 Corinthians 10:13 ESV)

Traditionally I would attempt to deal with this scripture in the context of providing sound theological homilies or creating academic resources. I would attempt to discuss its place in scripture, the mind of the author, the history of the text, and culture surrounding the text. I would then also attempt to exegete the text and provide you with sound biblical interpretation, preaching points, principles, and foundational ideological concepts provided as this scripture peels back another layer to reveal the nature of the divine God and His eternal kingdom.

However, in this moment my job is to convey one simple message, and that is that God is faithful.

Every single day of our lives has the responsibility of functioning as a building block to the rest of our life as well as our ultimate journey to our destiny and the fulfillment of our God given potential.

There are days where destiny seems well-defined, our focus is sure, and there is nothing that can detach our eyes from the mark of the prize of high calling of God which is in Christ Jesus[1]. Our target is clear, we are unapologetically confident in who we are, what we are, and what we are called by God to do.

But then there are days when it seems as if life itself is falling apart. It seems like the whole world is against us. It seems as if nothing we do can appease God nor what appears as his wrath, in that moment.

There are days when it seems as if the enemy has won, we are utterly defeated, and our destiny, anointing, gifting, and power are all stripped in an instant.

This can manifest through issue after issue arising all in the matter of one day.

I believe the Apostle Paul was having one of those days when he wrote this text.

However, his faith didn’t stop at the fact that he was being “tempted” by life. What was he being tempted to do?

Just like us he was being tempted to give up. Loose hope. Turn around and away from the assignment on his life.

But then he realized that what he was going through was not the end. He realized that although at times our situations are severe, and at times it appears that we are alone. What you are going through is not a new thing, although it may be new to you[2].

He was reminded that the same God that has seen humanity through the test of time all the way to this moment, and the same God who has sustained the entire Universe without one planet being out of alignment, is the same God that is going to get me through this trial.

Why? Because God is faithful…

The same way He kept your forefathers, the same way he kept your ancestors, the same way He kept Moses, David, and Paul is the same way He is going to keep you.

God has a track record of showing up when we need Him. He has a track record of knowing how much we can bear[3], but also being there to bare the pressure with us[4].

The question is not of God’s faithfulness, the question is instead, will we allow this to make us draw closer to God or to turn away[5].

Every test, obstacle, and trial is an opportunity to be taken deeper in the Lord’s presence. The deeper we go in His presence the more He transforms us.

This will not break you; your fight isn’t over. God is faithful.

[1] Philippians 3:14

[2] Ecclesiastes 1:9

[3] 1stCorinthians 10:13

[4] Zephaniah 3:17

[5]James 4:8

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