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Dear Church Drop Out: Part 1

Dear Church Drop-Out,

We the Eminent Ecclesial Order aka the Church Establishment have come to realize that your absence from the assembly of the saints, and your denunciation of the faith is not your fault. Instead, it is ours.

We write to you today requesting that you allow this correspondence to signify the fact that we take full responsibility for the pain that you feel in your heart. We take full responsibility for the loneliness that you feel, and the wondering that has caused you to take a downward spiral in your life.

We the Church are sorry for judging you simply because we didn’t understand the expression of your faith and dedication. Instead of taking the time to learn the intricacies of why you behaved the way that you did, and instead of understanding that in your trailblazing expressions was the key to unlocking revival in our day, we black balled you, locked you out of our religious systems of advancement, and turned our backs on you. All the while, being blinded to the fact that you were actually the chosen of God.

We the Church are sorry for overshadowing your legitimate questions about the Christian faith, and your authentic doubts because of our theological inadequacies, with our religious mantra’s and unfounded rebukes.

We are sorry for not understanding the doubts, fears, struggles, and even rebellion that you expressed was just an opportunity for us to be a part of your development and growth as you wrestled with the visitation of the transformative power of The Holy Spirit. We branded it a demon, when it was actually your hour of Divine Awakening. We missed it, being blinded by religious hypocrisy and arrogant self-elevation in the name of promoting the Kingdom but instead it was really our selfish ambition.

We are sorry that we branded you as immature for caring enough about the reality of the Kingdom to ask questions, express concerns, and ultimately expose the weakness in the Spiritual Development processes in our assemblies.

We were wrong, and we are ready for you to come home. We are going to do better by you. We are going to lift you up where you are weak, not gossip about you. We are going to hold you up when you fall, not beat you down.

But lastly, we are going to honor and love you when you challenge the status quo, because locked inside of you is the next move of God.

With love and Repentance,

The Ecclesia