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We Are All Sheep

We are all sheep.

We are all sheep attempting to find our way in a world full of wolves.

Wolves, that pride themselves in plotting our demise.

Wolves, that seek daily to ensure that we are forever robbed of our smile.

Wolves, who seek to destroy the last glimmer of hope that we have hidden deep in our soul. The hope that we hold on to just to make it from day to day.

We are all sheep.

Sheep praying that one day the shepherd will rescue us.

Praying that He will rescue us from the hurt, pain, and sorrow that life so vehemently renders to us day to day.

Is there a savor? Is there any chance for deliverance? Is there even a small chance that the cycle of the day to day mundane can be broken?

I say to you today, there is hope.

There is hope for deliverance.

There is hope for redemption. <