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Letters To The Broken

Dear Believer,

You have been through so much. You did not think that you would make it to this point, but despite all the feelings of failure, defeat, inadequacy, and inability you are still here.

Though it has felt like you have been walking alone, the Lord has been holding your hand this entire time. He promised that He would never leave you or forsake you, and He has confined Himself to that word.

That means no matter what your feelings may say, no matter how dark the day, no matter the lies the enemy may try to cause to take root in your mind, the Lord is but only a whisper away.

The mere utterance of His name is more than enough to cause for His abundant love and grace to come rushing in like a great flood.

Hold your head up high. Keep your hand to the gospel plow. This moment is only to make you strong. You will not faint, and you will not fail.

With Eternal Love,

The Body of Christ