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"Teaching us that….. we should live soberly… this present world[1];"

The 21st Century has been marked with passion, complete dedication to a cause, and even a willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission and establish changer. While these are great in their own right, they become counterproductive when they are preceded by a lack of understanding, misguided intent, or even conclusions based on fads, trends, and misinformation.

We live in a day where truth is not determined by the collection, evaluation, and pondering upon of concrete facts. Instead, truth in the 21st Century is established based on whatever information goes virtual first or whatever is trendier, least offensive, or less challenging to established culture.

We expect these behaviors from society. Society is expected to be swayed by whatever the dominant opinion is - whether it is right or wrong. It is expected that the prince of the air[2], be able to easily corrupt, manipulate, and abuse the viewpoint of the common man.

It is not alarming when the world behaves in a manner consistent with worldly behaviors. What should be alarming is when the Church also engages in those same behaviors.

It is alarming when the Church is more easily swayed by what they see on social media than what they hear in prayer. It is alarming when the predominant thoughts, opinions, and voices of the day take higher precedence in the lives of believer’s than the Word of God. It is alarming when the Church is easier moved by unverifiable, contaminated, and unsustainable information than the foundations of their faith.

No matter what happens in our day, we are required as followers of Jesus Christ to “live soberly”.

Sobriety is the state of being free from intoxication or being serious concerning intent or thought[3]. The exact word for sobriety in the greek is sophronos[4] which means to be sound minded. This is one of the greatest commands that the founding Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ left for all of those who would be adopted into the family of God and members of Christ’s Church.

We are marked by the fact that we are able to be in this world but not live like this world. We live better than the rest. This is a process that we are continually transforming into, however, when the world sees us, or thinks of the Church, the collective thought should be that we are not like everyone else, but that our standards are higher. Not because we are better than the world, but because our primary residence is not in this world, but we reign with the Alpha and Omega, being seated on the throne with Christ Jesus. We are to be the example to the world of what it means to live morally.

The world should know that we are not easily moved, but that our foundation is sure, and so are our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors as it pertains to modern day events.

The foundation of the body of Christ is the word of God. No matter what happens around us, we are to stand sure on the unshakable truths of the scriptures that are eternal and unwavering.

Just as our God does not change[5], we do not change in honoring Him with our sobriety. When the world is in panic, we are stable. When the world falls apart, we are sure. When the world has no direction, our surety and sobriety will be their guide.

We are the Sober Church of Jesus Christ.


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