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Prayer Points After Uvalde School Shooting

Updated: Oct 5

Blessings Family,

Pastor Q.B. Tolen here. In the wake of the third mass casualty shooting here in the United States over the course of a month (The School Shooting in Uvalde, TX); I want to admonish all that know how to pray to focus on these three prayer points.

  1. Divine Intervention

  2. Wisdom for Politicians and Law Enforcement Officials

  3. The Salvation of Souls

We need the Lord to intervene in our Nation’s affairs, and to guide us to Himself. We need leaders who know how to make decisions that will cause for our Nation to prosper, be prepared, and well defended against future attacks. Lastly, we need the Lord to send the grace for mass-dramatic salvations.

One of the lesser discussed factors that come into play during these mass causality events is the fact that many of these people passing do not have relationship with the Lord Jesus. They never got to know the warmth of His embrace, and unfortunately will spend an eternity away from Him.

Let us see the urgency of our call and the mandate to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Only the gospel can change our world and bring the peace that we so desperately need.

Your Servant for Christ’s Sake,

Pastor Q.B. Tolen

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