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Become an Enhance Brand Ambassador
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Thank you for considering becoming an Enhance Brand Ambassador. As our Brand Ambassador we are asking that you fill out the google form below. Afterwards we will be sending you a welcome packet via email with instructions on next steps. Your job is simple:



  1. Promote the Content that we forward to you on social media through whatever creative means you desire.

  2. Help us spread the word about Enhance’s goals, events, and objectives.

  3. Tag @EnhanceTheCross in your posts on social media to help get the word out. 



As a reward you will receive:



  1. Free content as it becomes available. 

  2. Free access to any private events or paid events with Enhance.

  3. Exclusive access to Enhance's resources as they become available. 



Thank you again for becoming an Enhance Brand Ambassador.


Your partnership means the world to us. 


With Grace, 


            Your Partners at Enhance

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